Madison Avenue

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Calendar is Filling Up Quick!

Whew...where has the summer time gone?  Don't get me wrong, I've definitely noticed the 100+ degree weather - but my Paparazzi calendar has been so full (YAY!) that the months are passing by so quickly!

Just finished organizing my jewelry and a new shipment of inventory for a home party this afternoon!  Last weekend I traveled 250 miles round trip for a home party at my sister's house.  I LOVE spreading the love of $5.00 jewelry/accessories to all the women I come into contact with!  The response to Paparazzi Accessories has been amazing here!

Here are a few of the new pieces of jewelry that I have in stock and that I'm hoping will be scooped up at tonight's home party:

If you're interested in seeing Paparazzi Accessories in person, let me know.  I'm looking to start booking parties and events in October, November and December!  Think Christmas/Holiday gifts!!  At only $5.00 each, you can afford to gift stylish and fun jewelry/accessories to all the important women in your lives: moms/sisters/girlfriends/co-workers/boss/wives/daughters - and YOURSELF! 

My contact information is: e-mail: or (559) 707-4160.