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Monday, October 1, 2012

New Inventory Arriving this Week!

I'm SO excited!!  At convention in Las Vegas last week, Consultants were able to order inventory in any amount we desired, of the new fall jewelry/accessories!  MY INVENTORY ARRIVES TODAY!!  I can hardly wait to get off work, get home and tear into my new inventory!!  I think everyone is going to LOVE the new items - I'm ordered anticipating shoppers for holiday parties and events!

At a home party on Saturday, I had several requests for leather bracelets.  I promised my customers I would place an order for leather bracelets, and those items should be arriving before the end of the week as well.  :)

Here's a peek at what I ordered, per customer requests!!

(Gold cuffs both sold.)

 (I ordered these piggie clips specifically for a friend, I believe they are all spoken for as well.)

I LOVE PAPARAZZI!  I love that my customers can request items and within a week I can have what they've requested (the majority of the time - assuming the product is still available on the website)!  You see, the reason I love Paparazzi so much is because the inventory is constantly changing to keep up with the trends.  My customers know they can purchase an item and it will be on trend for the season!  And when a lady feels on trend with the season, she FEELS AMAZING!! :)

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